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Introducing Furnace, the best way to build a sustainable, data driven business without having to be a Cloud expert.

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3 million Website Clickstream Events to Data Warehouse

94% reduction

Ingest 3 million customer profiles and events

94% reduction

20,000 Facebook Ad Leads to Saleforce Records

95% reduction
Zapier Pro

5 million Google Analytics events to S3 Warehouse

93% reduction
Stich Data

Ingest 3 million customer profiles and events

How are we able to do this?


Flatten Cloud Costs

Our industry leading developers created our Cloud platform to ingest, process, store and act upon huge amounts of data, much more efficiently than traditional Cloud designs. As a result, we can reduce the costs of running your data driven requirements, of any kind, by up to 90%.


Reduce Complexity

We give back 80% of your dev time and resources, typically lost to integrating the 1000’s of data sources, systems & standards in traditional Cloud.
✓ No servers to manage
✓ Applications scale automatically with demand
✓ Scale back to zero when idle


Be More Productive

We bring 10x productivity gains with our Cloud framework, strong developer workflow and library of Cloud native resources. Together, these allow the rapid construction of data driven applications, using tools and languages all developers are familiar with.


A Helping Hand

We are here to make building and running data driven applications simple and sustainable. We constantly analyse your applications for anomalies and performance, fixing issues where possible. If you need assistance, our global network of accredited engineers, are here to help.

What can you build?

Furnace was designed to build a huge array of data driven applications no matter how big or small your data is and how it is presented to you. Here are just a few examples.

Connect SaaS Apps

Create seamless integrations between all your SaaS Applications with ease.

Build Marketing Growth Engines

Harvest data, add intel and leverage 3rd party API’s to drive your business forward.

Process Marketing Data

Combine all your marketing data sources, enrich & store in your CDP of choice.

Building IoT Infrastructure

Build complex IoT applications on our scaleable and secure platforms.

How does Furnace compare?


We love Zapier and for connecting your SaaS applications it does a great job. The issues come when you try to extend Zapier beyond what it was designed for. Zapier doesn’t do “Big Data”, so if you’re processing more than 100,000 events a month its starts to get expensive very quickly. Moreover, you are really confined to connecting sources to destinations, doing any processing on the data is limited. Furnace excels in these kinds of applications.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is in the business of providing incredibly powerful and compelling Cloud based services and we love them for that. They are the foundation, the building blocks. However, it is your responsibility to build solutions of top of this and for most businesses that usually means spending up to 80% of their technical resource on non-core activities, managing infrastructure and outages for example. Furnace brings the power of AWS, with the simplicity and support businesses need to take full advantage.

Stich Data

If you’re moving large amounts of data between one system to another, Stitch is a great choice. It offers many Sources and Destination connectors to do so and focusses on ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) into a Data Lake or Warehouse for analysis and reporting purposes. If you’re trying to act on data in real-time or near real-time, Stitch won’t help here. Furnace can handle all the ways your data is presented to you, even ETL.

Serverless Framework

When constructing Serverless applications, the Serverless Framework offers a powerful set of tools in order to provide a more productive experience. It does a good job if you’re familiar with the underlying Cloud components; however, it is the responsibility of the developer to take care of most of the plumbing required to build effective applications.

Apache Big Data

The origins of Furnace came from the use of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, with things like Kafka and Storm and we’ve spent a few years in the trenches here.  You can read more about this in our blog. In many ways Furnace is the "Anti Hadoop", designed to be light-weight, a short learning curve and be ultra productive, whist offering many of its key capabilities.

Tray is a compressive integration platform and they’ve done a great job if you want to connect all kinds of services together, such as SaaS applications to Cloud resources and compose complex workflows on top. Like Zapier, Tray focusses on connecting applications but struggles with more advanced use cases or larger traffic volumes. Furnace can be used to create the same types of applications but at a significantly lower cost and with a strong focus on developers.

Cyber Security

Using our platform, the Furnace team, developed and delivered a next generation, Cloud native, security monitoring platform to a commercial Cyber Security business.

This offered a licence and infrastructure saving of $30k down to $3k per month, while also saving their engineering team hours per day usually spent on monitoring Cloud infrastructure installation. Thereby creating the opportunity to treble the scale of operations without the need to introduce new staff and increase payroll.


The re-architecting of a startup FinTech business, whose model is dependent on the management of highly volatile and at times high volume data flows, across a distributed and mobile network, was made possible with our platform.

Our transformation and hosted solution reduces cost from £6.5k down to £1k per month with a small and now highly enabled development team who can focus on innovation instead of managing infrastructure.

Cloud Applications

A digital operations centre was struggling to ingest and monitor data from Cloud native applications such as Microsoft O365, SalesForce and AWS, into their on-premise monitoring platform.

Instead of deploying a third party software solution starting at £2.5k per month, Furnace was used to connect the required Cloud apps, reducing the burden to £200 per month and decreasing to almost zero the engineering time spent on maintaining the solution.

Meet the team

Danny Waite

CTO & Managing Partner

Danny has had a wide and varied career over 20 years, founding his first company at 21, building innovative technology in the Telecommunications sector and supplying large Telco's globally for over 10 years. An ex-pro Rugby League player, Danny has gone on to found various companies including a Wireless Telco across the island of Ibiza, Spain, has consulted for major banks and enterprises and designed and architected the Furnace platform from its inception in 2018. A deep technologist, Danny is a full stack developer and architect and his hands-on approach has been instrumental to his past success.

John Blamire

CEO & Managing Partner

Dedicated to supporting aspiring technologists and digital entrepreneurs build their vision as simply, efficiently and effectively as possible. Served as a British Army officer for 10 years across Europe, Middle East and Americas, gaining a wealth of experience in operational management and building sustainable, dynamic, teams in challenging circumstances. Went on to found Falanx Group, a ‘full service’ Cyber Security and Intelligence Services organisation, leading it’s IPO in June 2013 onto the AIM of the London Stock Exchange.

Yan Cui

Serverless Hero

Developer Advocate, Speaker, Trainer, AWS Serverless Hero and author of Production-Ready Serverless.  Yan is one of the most experienced and respected voices in the Cloud and Serverless space, known to many as Yan specialises in rapidly transitioning teams to serverless, increasing their agility and enabling teams to go faster and deliver more with less.

Valdis Barrett

PRoduct Lead

Valdis is an experienced UI/UX designer who uses highly functional designs to solve large, challenging problems. With expert understanding of concepts like branding, messaging, and user experience, he is an extremely capable designer. Having traveled and lived around the world, Valdis has developed immaculate communication skills by working with teams of all sizes. Clients range from brands such as Oracle, ZTE, and CoStar to small startups.

From smart cities to marketing and security, vast new pools of data are unused or underemployed, both because of the scarcity of developer talent and the enormous commitment of time and money currently required to bring a complex application to market.”

Rik Turner

Furnace Lets Developers Create Advanced Data-Intensive Apps in Hours, Not Months

Principal Analyst, Ovum

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